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Shared Rideables (e-bikes & e-scooters) Enforcement

Effective November 19, 2019, the City of Sacramento Police and Public Works Departments will begin enforcement of all traffic and parking laws for users of shared rideables such as e-bikes and e-scooters.  Sacramento PD could cite users for traffic or vehicle code violations, and Public Works Parking Enforcement Officers will begin reporting parking violations to device operators, who may choose to pass those costs on to the individuals who improperly parked the devices.

Violations such as scooting on the sidewalk may result in citations of up to $207.  Companies, who are required to provide user education about rules and regulations, may receive a citation of $27.50 for an incorrectly parked device.

A complete list of all shared rideable regulations as well as information about where to park can be found on the City of Sacramento Shared Bikes and Scooters Webpage.

City of Sacramento Winter Landscaping Water Restrictions

Effective November 1st outdoor landscape watering is limited to one day a week.  Winter watering restrictions end February 28, 2020.  Residents can choose to water either Saturday or Sunday. No weekday watering is permitted.  Check out the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities Sacramento Water Conservation page for more information.

McKinley Park Parking

Signs were posted in mid-November 2019 to restrict  parking around the perimeter of McKinley Park (McKinley Blvd., Alhambra Blvd., G Street, H Street, 33rd Street, 35th Street and Park Way).  Parking is now limited to three hours, seven days a week.  Warnings will be issued for a short period after the streets listed are posted.  Tickets for non-compliance with the signage will be $47.50.

Fall 2019

Highlights of activities undertaken by ESIA’s Board of Directors since last spring:

  • Donated to the Taste of East Sacramento and to the Active 20-30 Club’s Cornhole Tournament benefitting the Children’s Cancer Center.
  • Recommended against approval of a new electronic billboard on Highway 50 near 65th Street.
  • Ongoing monitoring of SMUD’s proposal to redevelop the site of their Corporation Yard south of 59th Street into a combination of residential and commercial uses.
  • Presented our annual Orchid Award to the East Lawn Children’s Park.
  • Board members worked as volunteers at Pops in the Park.
  • Conducted a workshop at our September meeting on the East Sacramento Community Plan update and communicated our findings to the City.
  • Ongoing monitoring of plans for improvements to McKinley Park once the water vault has been completed.
  • Having noted the damage done to neighborhood streets as a result of water meter installation, ESIA will endeavor to ensure that the City follows up on its promise to repave those streets as soon as possible after work is completed.
  • ESIA welcomed Clint Beers and Val Siebal as new members of the Board.

ESIA Corporate Bylaws

ESIA General Membership Meetings are held in the Spring and Fall every year.  In April 2017, members approved a corporate bylaw change which streamlines how we operate, among other things.    The new bylaws can be accessed at: ESIA Corporate Bylaws 2017