ESIA Essentials

The ESIA e-mails a monthly newsletter to members with “essential” and helpful information.  The first “ESIA Essentials” was delivered to members in-boxes January 2020.  The intent of the monthly newsletter is to keep members informed on the activities of the Board of Directors and on other timely issues of interest to residents of East Sacramento.  Copies of the monthly newsletter can be accessed below:


East Sac Essentials January 2020

East Sac Essentials February 2020

East Sac Essentials March 2020

East Sac Essentials – April 2020

East Sac Essentials May 2020

East Sac Essentials June 2020

East Sac Essentials July 2020

East Sac Essentials August 2020

Semi-Annual Newsletter

The ESIA mails a multi-page newsletter to members twice a year – in the Spring and in the Fall.  Copies of the newsletter can be accessed below:

No 2020 Spring Newsletter (COVID-19)

2019 Fall Newsletter

2019 Spring Newsletter

2018 ESIA Spring-Summer Newsletter

2017 Fall Newsletter

2017 SpringSummer Newsletter

2016 Fall Newsletter

2016 Spring Newsletter

2015 Fall Newsletter

2015 Spring Newsletter

2014 Fall Newsletter

2014 Spring Newsletter

2013 Fall Newsletter

2013 Spring Newsletter

2012 Fall Newsletter

2012 Spring Newsletter

2011 Fall Newsletter

2011 Spring Newsletter