Sidney Pope Memorial Orchid Award and Onion Award

East Sacramento Community Association annually recognizes businesses, property owners and individuals in East Sacramento with the Sidney Pope Memorial Orchid Award and encourages improvement with the Onion Award for those who have a negative impact on our quality of life.  The first awards were given in 1978; in 2002 the Orchid Award was renamed the Sidney Pope Orchid Award to honor Sidney Pope and her life-long efforts to preserve and maintain East Sacramento as a great place to live.  Here’s a list of the annual recipients:


The ESCA Board of Directors decided to forgo the Orchid and Onion Awards in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Orchid Award:  East Lawn Children’s Park Renovation.  Located at 42nd Street and Folsom Blvd. the park now has a new ADA complaint play structure and walkways, as well as new picnic tables, benches, a shade structure, and landscaping.  A community collaboration, the East Lawn Children’s Park is a special place in East Sacramento.

Onion:  Vacant building at 6300 Folsom Blvd., former location of Hoppy Brewing.  The exterior of the vacant building has gone downhill since the brewery and brewpub moved.


Orchid Award: Compton’s Market, located on McKinley Blvd.  Still an “old time” grocery store with staff who are always helpful and friendly.  The 2017 remodel included the addition of Willy’s Café and a bar with wine and beer on tap – both of which have become a place for neighbors to meet and socialize.

Onion Award:  Cigarettes & More at 5615 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Inside East Sacramento, which has been delivered to our doorsteps for twenty years.  Locally-written, engaging stories help us keep in touch with what’s going on in East Sac and the community at large.

Onion Award:  Japanese-German Auto “Boneyard” on Elvas Avenue.  Simply put, an eyesore.


Orchid Award:  Sacramento Animal Hospital @ 5701 H St.; a very tasteful dramatic remodel and upgrade for an East Sacramento institution that dates back over 70 years.

Onion Award:  616 Santa Ynez Way.  An egregious example of a poorly-conceived and over-sized residential remodel and expansion that is inappropriate for its site and its immediate neighbors.


Orchid Award:  33rd St. Bistro @ 3301 Folsom Blvd.; 3714-3720 J St., a nicely refaced multi-tenant bldg.

Onion Award:  Express Furniture @ 5116 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  41st Street neighbors for opposing inappropriate residential construction.

Onion Award:  SW Corner of Alhambra Blvd. and J St. (for blight).


Orchid Award:  Talini’s Nursery @ 5601 Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  Former Luis’s Restaurant @
Alhambra Blvd. & L St. (alley) – (abandoned).


Orchid Award:  Friends of East Sacramento for assuming management of the Clunie Clubhouse and the McKinley Park Rose Garden.

Onion Award:  Blighted Alley, between 30th St. and Alhambra Blvd., on block bounded by L St. and Capitol Ave. (behind McDonald’s).


Orchid Award:  Friends of Bertha Henschel park.

Onion Award:  3009 K Street – uninteresting medical building.


Orchid Award:  Sacred Heart Church @ 39th and J Sts.; One Speed Restaurant @ 4818 Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  Former Mary Ann’s Bakery building @ 320-350 Alhambra Blvd. (abandoned since 2006).


Orchid Award:  38th  St. Neighbors for the new Setback Ordinance.

Onion Award:  Express Furniture @ 51st St. and Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Corti Brothers Market @ 5810 Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  Intersection of 65th St. and Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  East Sac Hardware @ 4800 Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  None.


Orchid Award:  Pops in the Park (since 1991).

Onion Award:  None.


Orchid Award:  St. Francis Catholic High School @ 5900 Elvas Ave.

Onion Award:  None.


Orchid Award:  Selland’s Market @ 53rd & H Streets.

Onion Award:  Cigarettes & More @ 5615 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Randy Butler.  Randy started his shoe business in East Sacramento in 1942, expanding it to include uniforms and selling it in 1966.  He’s 95 years young and still “works” in the store.

Onion Award:  Camellia Cleaners @ 5901 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Coffee Works @ 34th & Folsom Blvd. for replacing a dull, uninteresting building with an architecturally-inviting one.

Onion Award:  Express Furniture @ 5116 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  East Sac Village @ 56th St. and Elvas for its creative and contemporary new development.

Onion Award:  Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for locating a program to treat mentally disturbed felons one block from McKinley Park.


Orchid Award:  The East Sacramento Art Garage @ 34th & Folsom Blvd. for converting an auto repair shop into an art gallery.

Onion Award:  Sacramento City Departments of Public Works and Neighborhood Planning for advocating to replace the greenspace at 57th & J Sts. with a commercial mini-mall.


Orchid Awards:  Quality Market @ 51st & Folsom Blvd. for significantly remodeling the site.  Corti Brothers Market @ 59th & Folsom Blvd. for their long-time quality service to the neighborhood.

Onion Award:  CalTrans for its very ugly property at 65th Street and Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Awards:  Affleck Pharmacy @ 5301 F Street (oldest operating pharmacy in Sacramento – 77 years, 25 years in East Sacramento).  Brillhart Shell @ 5730 Folsom Blvd. (last remaining full-service gas station in East Sacramento).  Ione Bocceri for over 20 years of outstanding service as ESIA Secretary and Board Member.

Onion Award:  C&H Paint @ 3201 Folsom Blvd. (dull and uninteresting).


Orchid Award:  Folsom Blvd. Apartments @ 4921 Folsom Blvd. (City Redevelopment Agency apartments).

Onion Award:  Folsom Blvd. strip-mall at 50th-51st Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Fran & Roy Yermol.

Onion Award:  Auto-quick Automotive @ 30th & E Streets.


Orchid Award:  Sacramento City Public Works Dept. for landscaping J St. median near CSUS.

Onion Awards:  Camellia Shopping Center; Taco Bell @ 58th St. & Folsom Blvd. (poorly-conceived expansion effort).


Orchid Awards:  Lucky’s @ 48th & J Sts.;  ESIA Graffiti Busters let by Katherine Travers-Cohn.

Onion Award:  Quality Market @ 51st St. & Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Award:  Harrison’s Cyclery, 3200 Folsom Blvd. – Alfred Anderson (90 and still working).

Onion Award:  Express Furniture @ 5110 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Awards:  Rick McWilliam (15 years President & VP of ESIA); Firehouse #4 @ 3145 Granada Way;  Steve Cohn (ESIA President & Stop Centrage effort): Denas Henas Design for designing ESIA’s logo.

Onion Award:  City of Sacramento Traffic Department.


Orchid Award:  Cindy Leathers for developing East Lawn Playground.

Onion Award: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity @ 5286 J St.


Orchid Award:  Rust Florist @ 5215 Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  Safeway @ Alhambra & J Sts. (ugly parking lot).


Orchid Awards:  Old Alhambra Market @ 1100 Alhambra Blvd.; Doug Pope, City Councilman.

Onion Award:  Sacramento Glass Works @ 34th & Folsom Blvd. for the toxic mess at rear of its property.


Orchid Awards:  Sacred Heart Church; City Planning Department staff.

Onion Awards:  MedClinic @ Alhambra Blvd. & N Street; Larry’s Comfort Shoes @ 4801 Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Awards:  The Rest Stop @ 35th St. & Folsom Blvd.; Elvas Medical Plaza @ 5340 Elvas Ave.

Onion Award:  Jim Bloodgood, City Trafic Engineer for proposing & supporting the Elvas/Richards connector; Medical Building @ 3800 J St. (lack of landscaping, setbacks and size).


Orchid Awards:  Phillips Bakery and New Phillips Bakery (60 years).

Onion Award: Almost New Car Lot @ 51st St. & Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Awards:  Fran & Roy Yermol (for landscaping H St. underpass); Mark-Gaddi Seed & Supply @ 51st St. & Folsom Blvd. (for helping Fran & Roy).

Onion Award:  Camellia Shopping Center.


Orchid Award:  Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat Center @ 3810 J St.

Onion Award:  Andrews Body Shop @ 51st St. & Folsom Blvd.


Orchid Awards:  Rosemount Grill (50th Anniversary); Sidney Pope (President & co-founder of ESIA).

Onion Award:  None.


Orchid Awards:  Victorian home @ 5347 Folsom Blvd.; Sacramento Valley Orthopedic Center @ 1273 32nd St.

Onion Award:  Winchells Doughnut Shop @ 37th & J Sts.


Orchid Awards:  Gary Little and Jim McGinnis (for renovating corner @ 34th St. & Folsom Blvd.); Dreyfuss & Blackford Bldg. @ Santa Ynez Way and Folsom Blvd.

Onion Award:  Camellia Shopping Center.


Orchid Awards:  Franke’s Pharmacy and Knott’s Pharmacy;  Archie’s Hardware at 56th St. and J St.; Frank Johnson for moving two bungalows onto vacant lots at 3400 & 3408 M St..

Onion Awards:  Two vacant gas stations at 51st St. and 48th St. and Folsom Blvd.; Assemblyman Leroy Greene (for anti-neighborhood legislation).


Orchid Awards:  Sutter Lawn Tennis Club (60th Anniversary); East Sacramento Action Committee -Irene Stone (for the battle to prevent Sutter Memorial from expanding); Lloyd Connelly, City Councilman.

Onion Awards:  El Dorado Grammar School (lack of maintenance); Sidewalk Pizza (tall weeds and lack of maintenance).


Orchid Awards:  41st St. July 4th Parade (50th Anniversary); J Street Trolley and Walker’s Liquor Store @ 38th & J Sts.; Butler’s Uniform Store @ 56th & H Sts.; Nadya Andrews for her service on the City Planning Commission; Les Frink (City Traffic Engineer).

Onion Award:  Mercy General Hospital @ 4001 J St. (for removing several Victorians to expand).