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East Sacramento Improvement Association (ESIA) is Sacramento’s oldest and largest neighborhood association. ESIA was formed in 1958 to protect, maintain, and improve the unique blend of residential and commercial features of East Sacramento by representing the neighborhood at the City Planning Commission and City Council.  It is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization:  IRS 501(c)(4) Tax Exempt Status Ltr.

The ESIA is well-known for the Sidney Pope Memorial Orchid and Onion Awards.  The awards annually recognize the best and worst of East Sacramento. ESIA is a co-founder and sponsor of the popular Pops in the Parks concert series.

In 2015, ESIA joined forces with MENA, the McKinley East Sacramento Neighborhood Association, to create a larger and more effective voice advocating for a better, safer East Sacramento.

ESIA meets monthly, and the dues are $15 per year.  We depend on your dues and donations to produce and mail the ESIA newsletter and to keep you informed about issues impacting our neighborhood.

ESIA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-led organization with a 13-member board of directors that meets the 2nd Monday of most months.  Members are invited for the Guest Presentation and the Business Sessions.

We also hold two General Membership meetings, in the Spring and Fall of every year.   Normally, our city councilperson gives an update on pertinent matters and other presenters give updates on various projects, etc. they have ongoing in East Sacramento.


  • Worked with business owners to stop a new medicinal marijuana dispensary from opening
    near 33rd and Folsom in February, 2011
  • Helped convince Mercy Hospital to reduce the height of its new Spanos Heart Center
  • Worked with the City Council to amend the ordinance governing home remodels to require
    front setbacks consistent with other homes on the same street
  • Stopped Centrage and its 26-story skyscrapers
  • Started the East Sacramento neighborhood watch patrol
  • Stopped the old Rosemont restaurant from becoming a “gambling casino”
  • Stopped the Elvas/Richards Connector which would have added 25,000 cars per day on Elvas Avenue
  • Persuaded City Council to adopt a new law to prevent “high-rise” buildings in East Sacramento
  • Stopped Taco Bell from expanding on two different occasions
  • Stopped fraternity and sorority houses in the neighborhood
  • Organized the “Graffiti Busters” to remove graffiti in East Sacramento
  • Supported rezoning of H & J Streets to establish more residential zoning
  • Persuaded Mercy Hospital to build their parking garage and install 25 feet of landscaping around the hospital
  • Sponsors the Pops in the Park celebrations
  • Stopped the Turn Verein Hall from commercially expanding into the neighborhood
  • Persuaded Mercy Hospital to reduce the height of Mercy McMahon Terrace at 39th & J from 6 stories to 2 1/2 stories
  • Rezoned the Alhambra corridor to preserve its architectural uniqueness and to limit building height
  • Prevented East Lawn from building 3-story offices on the cemetery grounds
  • Persuaded the City to install stop signs on M Street
  • Supported reducing and slowing traffic on H Street without closing it
  • Working to resolve the noise caused by low flying airplanes landing and taking off at Metro Airport
  • Presents annual Orchid & Onion Awards to recognize the “good and bad” in East Sacramento

What is the East Sacramento Area?

Business 80 to the Union Pacific overcrossing on the west and north.  The Union Pacific railroad levee on the northeast and east.  Highway 50 on the south.

Who Can Join ESIA?

Any person who lives or has a business in East Sacramento may join. To join click on Membership tab.