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East Sacramento Community Association (ESCA) is one of Sacramento’s oldest neighborhood associations. ESCA (formerly the East Sacramento Improvement Association) was formed in 1958 to protect, maintain, and improve the unique blend of residential and commercial features of East Sacramento by representing the neighborhood at the City Planning Commission and City Council.

In late 2020, the ESIA Board of Directors adopted the following:

“The East Sacramento Improvement Association  was founded and incorporated in 1958, making it one of the oldest neighborhood associations in Sacramento.  Our founders were focused on preserving and protecting the unique qualities of East Sacramento.  After 62 years the board voted to change the associations name to East Sacramento Community Association.  While still consistent with our founders’ vision, the new name is more consistent with our current goals and with naming of neighborhood associations in Sacramento.”

ESCA meets monthly, and the dues are $15 per year.  We depend on your dues and donations to maintain the ESCA website and to keep you informed about issues impacting our neighborhood.

ESCA is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-led organization with a 13-member board of directors that meets the 1st Monday of most months.  Members are invited for the Guest Presentation and the Business Sessions.

We also hold two General Membership meetings, in the Spring and Fall of every year.   Normally, our city councilperson gives an update on pertinent matters and other presenters give updates on various projects, etc. they have ongoing in East Sacramento.

The ESCA is well-known for the Sidney Pope Memorial Orchid and Onion Awards.  The awards annually recognize the best and worst of East Sacramento. ESCA is a co-founder and sponsor of the popular Pops in the Parks concert series.

What is the East Sacramento Area?

Business 80 to the Union Pacific overcrossing on the west and north.  The Union Pacific railroad levee on the northeast and east.  Highway 50 on the south. 

Who Can Join ESCA?

Any person who lives or has a business in East Sacramento may join. To join click on Membership tab.

Accomplishments 2015 – 2020 (updated Fall 2020):

  • Provided forums on issues pertinent to East Sacramento, including Measure A (2020).
  • Reviewed over 100 development projects and made recommendations to the City.  Worked with neighbors and applicants to ensure projects fit within the neighborhood.
  • Supported the McKinley Water Vault and worked with the City and community to ensure concerns were addressed and park improvements reflect community desires.
  • Heavily engaged on the “bulk” ordinance, also known as the “tent” ordinance, with the City to ensure these standards best reflect the character of East Sacramento and are enforced.  Supported changes to the City design guidelines.
  • Issued “East Sac Essentials” providing important information to ESCA members on happenings in the neighborhood.
  • Engaged with neighbors and the City to address homelessness issues.
  • Provided $500 grants to deserving community organizations, including schools, the East Lawn Children’s Park, and the Active 20/20 Club Cornhole Tournament to benefit the Children’s Cancer Center.
  • Awarded the annual Orchid Award to the best of East Sacramento.
  • Supported transit-oriented student housing and mixed use projects at Folsom Blvd. and 65th Street.
  • Supported the Sutter Park housing development and addressed neighbors’ concerns.
  • Opposed the Clear Channel billboard.
  • Participated in City Workshops on the General Plan and Community Plan Update.
  • Supported the SMUD campus master plan.
  • Sponsored and supported Pops in the Park.

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The ESIA is an IRS-recognized 501 (c) (4) non-for-profit organization DBA the East Sacramento Community Association.  IRS 501(c)(4) Tax Exempt Status Ltr.

ESCA Bylaws (as amended October 5, 2020)